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2nd Mortgage Refinancing

Why People Are Refinancing

While some people refinance just get a lower interest rate, the two most common reasons for a 2nd mortgage are debt consolidation and home improvements. The runners up include everything from paying for a wedding, covering living expenses during unemployment, paying for uninsured medical expenses even purchasing “big-ticket” items.

If you have equity and are wondering what to do with it, here are four suggestions for making the most of your 2nd mortgage.

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Your 2nd Mortgage:

1. Home improvement: Making upgrades or overdue repairs to your home can make it safer, more comfortable, more energy efficient, easier to sell or a combination of these things. Plus your improvements will increase the value of your home.
This may be the single best use of equity cash – you get a home that is more livable and more valuable.

2. Debt consolidation: Credit card debt out of control? You can use the cash from a home equity 2nd mortgage to consolidate your debt. Interest rates on your credit cards can be at least ten percent higher than the rate on a home equity loan. Not only can your 2nd mortgage free you of debt, you’ll able to do it in a cost effective way.

3. Education: An equity cash-out can be used to pay private school or college tuitions. If you’ve got kids, refinancing could be the solution that makes those costly education bills something you can afford.

4. 2nd Home: Are you interested in taking advantage of a real estate boom? Many homeowners use the equity in their home to cover the down payment or even the purchase price of that 2nd dream vacation home.

The tax advantages and low interest rates that come with cashing-out equity are also appealing if you’re financing a car or other high-ticket item.

Make Sure You Make the Most of Your 2nd Mortgage

Your 2nd mortgage can be your ticket to realizing a dream that until now seemed out of reach. Make sure you consider all your options before making a final decision!

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